Duri Bombur

A Dwarf merchant of royal blood who's lookin for some Dwarf Tang


Duri Bombur Dwarf 104 years old Dark Mahogany hair 4’10 165 lbs

BELIEFS Family is worth more than any coin

Earning trust is better than buying it

A Dwarven Kingdom is another name for a cage

Instincts Protect family at any cost

Always haggle a price

Perform any crafting skill carefully

TRAITS Dwarf Common traits,Stubborn

LPs-Born Noble, Carter, Hawker, Trader

Circles B4 Resources G3


Will B6 Perception B4 Power B5 Forte B5 Agility B5 Speed B2

Health B7 Steel B6 Hesitation 4 Greed B5 Reflexes B3 Mortal Wound B11 Speed Multiplier x3

SKILLS(Op=open ended) Dwarven Rune script B2 Animal Husbandry B3 Inconspicuous B3 Stentorious Debate B5 Mending B4 Conspicuous B3 Streetwise B2 War Art B3 (OP) Black Metal Artifice B5(OP) Shrewd Appraisal B3(OP) Driving B3 Man Wise B3

Gear Cart Rams x2 (Bartleby and Toppers) Bags of ram feed House with normal stuff Workshop near house Clothing Boots Trench coat Dwarven Ring

Physical Tolerances

Su Li Mi Se Tr Mw B3 B5 B7 B9 B10 B11

Weapons Mechanics I M S

Bare Fisted 2 5 7


Duri Bombur is the brother to Dogrik and Hob Bombur, and son of Rob and Medoa Bombur(Rob is the head Dwarven treasurer of the Dwarven Kingdom). His father was friends with the trader Honsen, who worked with the kingdom nicely and quietly. This friend offered the chance for Duri to become one of his workers and find out how real business is done. Rob decided it would be good for Duri to get out into the world rather than be locked up in a mountain. Duri started his trip a few days later and was carted off to Tradinsfordshire.

For years he was a carter for Honsen. He eventually became the manager of delivering goods to their needed buyers. Over time Duri became quite known because he was the first dwarf to settle in Tradinsfordshire from the nearby Dwarf Kingdom. Honsen liked this and his business skyrocketed. Duri learns how to craft some stuff that make the local people impressed. His skill still did not match any skill of a true artificer.

Duri met a dwarf woman named Gibra and eventually wedded. As a wedding present, Honsen bought them a house and a small stable/workshop. Duri could never stop saying thank you. Duri and Honsen then became great friends for years to come.

Years later Honsen died of old age and left the buissnes to Duri. Duri going through a rough time could not really run the place as well and later on the closed. Duri decided to start his own little shop recruiting some of the workers he had been with over the years. It’s called “Bombur’s Repair and Goods” It’s buisness is well, but not even close to as wealthy before.

Duri and Gibra eventually had a son, and of course, named him Honsen. Duri could never have felt as happy in his whole life.

30 years pass and Duri's son is taken by a group of Bandits. They swear to kill him if he talks to any authorities and does not pay them a certain amount of gold. Duri is struck with fear and sets out for his son. He asks his brothers to venture over and support his wife while he's gone. Duri sets out with Bartleby and Toppers for his son........

Duri Bombur

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