“May your fortune rise in Tradingsfordshire like the sun!”

So proclaims the mud-splattered banner over the gates into Tradingsfordshire. Once, yes, the now-humble town was a merchants dream, and still great money resides there, but feudal ways have returned in the days since the death of the Shadow King in the southern lands, and the populace has become restless, for rumors abound that in the east a great mercenary army of orcs and foul knaves has risen.

Worse, whispers that the army is on the move to the foreboding and mysterious Nething Towers, nestled high in the Great West Pass of Mount Seaguard, north of Tradingsforshire, have only upset people even more - already there is talk of flight to safer lands, of mortal combat on the bloody fields. But many do not believe, simply for the lack of motive presented. Why would mercenaries besiege the well-guarded but silent fortress? Could it have to do with the numerous diplomacy missions Tradingsfordshire has sent out to the Nething Towers in the last year? Could the situation prove far more dire than the township suspects? And just what does Duke Pelonius, sovereign ruler of Tradingsfordshire, plan to do about all this?

Meanwhile, far below this tumult of intrigue and rumored war, three humble individuals have aligned themselves for a smaller, perhaps more heavily fated purpose - a dwarf, having lost his son to bandits, has become deeply indebted to the Duke by the surreptitiously helpful wiles of one Don Pierre, and a suspicious-looking traveling Roden.


Burning Wheel: Tradingsfordshire

Vin Johann